Manuals and catalogue

Here you can download the user manual for your watch, our latest catalogue and find other important information about your Rado.


Get your user manual by entering the serial number of your watch.

How to find the relevant section for your watch?

Engraved on the back of your watch is an 8-digit serial number. Enter this serial number and you will find your movement calibre. This reference of the movement calibre leads you to the relevant section in the user manual.

If you cannot read the serial number any more, please contact us via contact form with any possible details of your watch (logo, numbers, send picture etc.).

This tool does not give any information about the authenticity of a watch.
It is only providing the movement caliber for the user manual.
For watches manufactured prior to 1996, serial numbers are not registered and cannot be found. 
In such case, the watch reference must be used to find the movement caliber.

User manual